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Professional Leadership Training Group Become inspired, grow your mindset, SEE OUR SERVICES and pursue your goals with Moving Forward Strategies Become inspired, grow your mindset, SEE OUR SERVICES and pursue your goals with Moving Forward Strategies

What would it be like to have an energetic resource available to you who can help you keep the momentum going in the face of your biggest challenges?

MFS was founded on the belief that training is the most critical tool to keep learning and growing, personally and professionally. Whether it’s one-on-one coaching, a group training session with colleagues, or a dynamic event where you collaborate with new, like-minded people, MFS provides highly effective training solutions and interactive experiences so that you can achieve your personal and professional goals.

Donna Sirianni, a natural educator with a passion for people, is known for helping clients gain clarity and perspective as they work to cut to the core of what is meaningful and motivating.

We know that the right training experiences propel professionals and organizations forward.

We’re not another forgettable training business whose materials you’ll find buried in your desk drawer. Instead, we offer customized, cutting-edge experiences that will help you maximize your success and transform your perspective to ensure a massive impact on your personal and professional growth.


Customizable & Personal

Whether you are a CEO with decades of leadership experience, an emerging leader charting your career path, or somewhere in between, our personalized coaching is tailored to fit your needs.

Consistency & Self-Accountability

Our coaching and training sessions are not just “watch and learn”. We are dedicated to helping you put it into practice. By working with us, you’ll achieve consistency and self-accountability through self-growth and ongoing business connections.

Valuable & Empowering

Our clients experience tremendous growth and empowerment after our training. The more clarity you have, the more influential you can become and we arm you with the tools to get there!

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