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Something New!

Do you want to start something new? Are you afraid to? Do you keep putting it off? It may be cliché but spring really does remind…

Published 2 weeks ago
Beyond Business Change

Change: The One Constant

Everything is going as planned and then BAM - you get thrown a curveball. Things change. Your foundation is rocked. You ask yourself why is…

Published 2 months ago
The Great Reminder

The Great Reminder

I know you’ve heard of “The Great Resignation,” but have you heard of “The Great Reminder”? That’s what I am calling it. It’s the underlying reason (the…

Published 3 months ago
This Is The Year!

This is the Year!

One year will blend into the next and then into the next and before you know it your ideas and goals just don’t happen. “Stuff”…

Published 5 months ago
Inspire Employees

3 Smart Ways to Inspire Employees

There’s a reason that extensive research is being done on what makes employees happy. CEOs are learning that happier employees mean greater output, bigger profits,…

Published 6 months ago

Let’s Get it Started!

There’s more. There’s a lot more. In my upcoming writings, I intend to take us “Beyond Business.” I know if you are a founder of…

Published 8 months ago
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